Fairy tale in Brussels

Wednesday evening. It doesn’t always have to be on a Saturday night.

All around me are people, are trees, is open air, is music.

This little festival translates best as ‘Fairytales in the Park’. No main stream grand titles here. Even someone like Mauro Pavlovski, a very local guitar hero in very local Belgium, seems out of place. (At least, Yolan says so) The artists here sport names like Douglas Dare and –very queer- Perfume Genius. I admit I had never heard of either of them, but they play great music, and more, they paint the park in blue and green and red, and who can be against that?

Blankets of piano and synthesizers brush up and over me and cover us all in twilight. How I envy these guys, who put a heart on their tongue and softly blow it into the microphone. We should have more time to listen to these silences, instead of being cooped up within earshot of all the deafening rubbish that jumps at us from too loud mouths with too loud words, irrelevant and irritating, pushed down our throats until we swallow them whole…

I’m crouching on a dirty carpet rolled out in front of the main stage and I’m crouching against Vera and bathe into the yellow and blue floodlights. I wish I could see the sun set. I haven’t seen enough sunsets, I realize.

And Douglas says that all his songs are sad songs, but somehow they don’t sound sad to me. I actually believe that he doesn’t know what sad is. And why should he?  His songs spoil over the crowd,  like a caress. There’s nothing sad about a warm embrace in my book.

And Vera is hued in blue and it makes her look like an elf. Do I see pointy ears or is that the marihuana talking? No, I’m not smoking, but the air all around me is growing heavy with grass and I’m just passively getting into a gentle high. image

And Perfume Genius whispers in our ears…he loves us too, yeah. And someone shouts. What did he say?  And does it matter? And somewhere a tree man is hugging trees and somewhere someone is feeling far less fine than we are tonight. He should come to the park, and sit down with us for a while, among the elves.

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